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Nurses are superheroes

they dedicate for us . we innovate for them


Lampe Smed

Lampe Smed means lantern smith, and we craft lanterns for Nightingales.

"Nurses and caregivers are superheroes; they dedicate themselves to us, and we innovate for them." 

Rooted in this philosophy, Lampe Smed is committed to the innovative development of patient care products to enhance the quality of work for nurses and caregivers. Each product, every feature, and all technology at Lampe Smed originate from a profound understanding of the unmet clinical needs by healthcare professionals. Collaborating closely with nurses, we interpret solutions and meticulously craft every detail. This close partnership ensures that Lampe Smed's products provide an exceptional work experience for healthcare personnel, further embodying the value that 'nurses are innovators.'Currently, we have developed products like Hug, MagSambo, LaLa, among others. These innovative products gradually realize the significance of Lampe Smed.
In the world of Lampe Smed, every detail is a superhero's equipment, and the more complete the equipment, the more individuals can be properly cared for.


Nurse Innovation

From breakthrough ideas to practical products

Nurse Innovation

Gears for Superheroes

for better work quality


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